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Winthrop After School Program 2019/2020

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$22.00 a day
$33.00 half days
$43 on vacation full days

YOU cannot register online. Download the form below and return to the parks and rec office.

General Information
  • Fees include transportation from Fort Banks and Cummings Schools
  • We will be providing a light snack after school such as WATER, goldfish, animal crackers, pretzels, etc. Please advise us of any food allergies or restrictions for your child by updating your child's household information.
  • Homework Time: After snack time and outdoor activities, we have a quiet time for the children to concentrate on homework including Lexia and TenMarks. We will make every effort to help and encourage them during this period. Be aware that this may not be enough time for all their homework to be completed. All children will be required to work on homework at this time unless otherwise specified upon checkout by the parent. We understand that some parents would prefer the help while others would prefer their children to do it at home with the help of the parent.
  • Trial Period: All children are accepted into the program on a trial basis. If there is a question about the child’s ability to fit into the program or about the program’s ability to meet the child’s needs, a conference will be set up to determine the child’s continuation in our program. Any behavioral issues, special needs, etc. should be addressed prior to registration in the program. Winthrop Parks and Recreation reserves the right to refer parents to more suitable care if necessary
  • Absent/Early Dismissal: Please call Parks and Recreation if your child will not be attending on a scheduled day due to illness, vacation, birthday party, play date, etc. Also late arrival and early dismissal need to be communicated to Parks and Recreation so that we are not expecting your child and holding up the rest of the program. **Failure to due so will result in a warning letter and repeated offenses will result in dismissal from program. We will not release them to someone else on the word of the child or another adult. Please call first thing in the morning so we can have an accurate attendance for pick up. Thank you
  • On Full Days and Half Days please send your child with a lunch.
  • Vacation Days/ Full Days will operate only if there are 12 or more children signed up in advance
  • Escorting Fee:DUE TO THE PICKUP SCHEDULE, WE CANNOT BEGIN ESCORTS UNTIL 3PM. fee to take children to and from extracurricular activities in the surrounding area. $4 one way $6 round trip. Escorts require 24 hour notice.
  • Late Fees will apply for Late Pickup. We understand emergencies do occur. Please contact us at 617 846-8243 so our staff and your child are made aware of the situation. Habitual lateness will not be tolerated and your child will be asked to leave the program if this becomes a persistent problem. Late charges will be $1.00 per minute after 6:00pm.

Registration Fee, DeposIts & Payment
  • For new participants a registration fee, two week deposit, and after school program paperwork are required to secure a spot in the program.
  • Current participants are required to pay one week deposit and after school program paperwork.
  • Spaces will be filled on a first come basis and are limited.
  • Please make check payable to Town of Winthrop.
  • A copy of birth certificate is required for new participants.
  • Payments for additional weeks will be due no later than Friday of the week prior.
  • Your child will not be allowed to participate without payment in advance.
  • Your child will not be on the schedule without prepayment.

Missed days-Cancelled Days & Extra Days, Departure
  • Cancelled Days: (due to illness, vacation, etc.) that you are already prescheduled for will not be refunded or credited back to your account unless we have a two week notice.
  • We have staffed the program based on your prior commitment and need to pay the staff regardless of whether your child attends or not.
  • Extra Days: You may add additional days if space and staffing are available however switching one day out for another is not permitted without a two week notice.
  • Adding days and activity escorts require at least a 24 hour notice and same day payment.
  • If you find yourself in an emergency situation and need same day service, we will accommodate you if space is available with a $10.00 sur-charge added on for that day with same day payment.
  • Departure from Program or reduction in days requires a 2-week written notice.
  • You will be charged for your original contract until a 2-week notice is given.

  • By enrolling your child you are granting permission for:
  • First Aid and Emergency Care: In the event of an emergency where I cannot be reached, I authorize Winthrop Parks and Recreation to transport my child to the nearest medical facility to obtain treatment for my child. I also authorize Winthrop Parks and Recreation to administer basic First Aid as necessary.
  • Transportation and Local Field Trips: (INCLUDES BEACHES, POOLS AND SWIMMING): Winthrop Parks and Recreation will be using our vehicles to transport the children from the Fort Banks school to the E.B. Newton and also to local activities, such as neighborhood parks, stores, beaches, etc.. Please sign below to give permission for your child to attend these activities aboard our transportation. Also, signing below will give permission for your child to go for a swim during one of these outings.
  • Permission to transport children to individual activities:NOW $4.00 ONE WAY & $6.00 ROUND TRIP: In an effort to help parents and allow children to participate in other after school activities, we will walk your child to nearby sites such as Winthrop Gymnastics Academy, St. John’s School for religious education classes, Larsen Rink for skating or hockey, Cervizzi’s Martial Arts, etc. We will be confined to the area directly around Winthrop Center and, therefore, will not be providing assistance to programs at the Fort Banks School or Cellucci Field. Please see Toni to set up a schedule of your child’s activities or if you have a question as to whether the site falls within the guidelines.
  • Photo and Video Release: I give permission for my child to be photographed or video taped at Winthrop Parks and Recreation’s After School program and field trips. These pictures will be used for newspapers, calendar, our website and displays at the Parks and Recreation Building

Half Days
Half Day fees will be applied upon check out by adding an adjustment to your bill
They are:
  • Sep. 18th
  • Oct. 4th, 11th, 18th, 23rd
  • Nov. 27th
  • Dec. 11th
  • Jan 29th
  • Feb 26th
  • Mar 18th, 27th
  • Apr 3rd, 10th
  • May 27th
  • June 16th (current last day of school)

    Fee is $33.00 for the half day

  • Vacation Weeks
    • Vacation days will operate only if there are 12 or more children signed up in advance.
    • WE operate during February and April Vacation not Christmas vacation
    • Tuesday through Friday February 18-21 and April 21-24
    • Hours are 7:30am to 6pm.
    • Fee is $43.00 per day.
    • Please pack a lunch for your child.

    Additional Forms and Files:
    * Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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